Production Reporting

WellEz has partnered with Fielding Systems, a software company that provides web-based, production reporting solutions. Together, we share a common vision to automate the field reporting process, end-to-end, from drilling through production.

Fielding Systems offers two robust Oil & Gas applications. The company’s ScadaVisor product monitors flow computers, compressors, pipelines and other equipment 24/7, providing reporting that’s accessible anywhere/anytime via the Internet. FieldVisor, a web-accessible field data capture application, enables technicians to capture data from virtually all types of production activities, providing real-time access for management personnel. Both products help producers gain competitive advantage by increasing well production, improving well safety and reducing costly downtime and both applications include full-featured mobile applications supported on any modern smartphone.

  • Manages wells, compressors, and equipment
  • Allows treatments, services, and work orders to be assigned to specific users
  • Ensures that personnel only have access to the data required for their job
  • Improves operational efficiency and reduces errors with data entry validation
  • Provides real-time access to all data captured by field personnel
  • Tracks company assets equipment with GPS
  • Includes a fully-featured web-based mobile application supported on all modern smartphones

  • Supports leading flow computers, artificial lift devices, pump off controllers, tanks, level sensors, and other field devices
  • Reports real-time and historic production data
  • Allows alarms to be defined on any data points collected and as trend-based alarms
  • Includes custom features such as telemetry device management, alarms and notifications, and specialized reports
  • Powerful polling engine built by Fielding Systems from the ground up
  • Includes a fully-featured web-based handheld application supported on all modern smartphones

If you want up-to-date information about what your wells are doing right now, contact Fielding Systems. For more information, visit