Get Started

Send us your custom drilling and operations reports and unique accounting codes and we’ll integrate them into WellEz. We have a large library of excel and PDF reports if you prefer a pre-configured setup.

Get Trained

Our experienced support staff will walk you through using WellEz. With a detailed explanation of how the system works and a simple user-interface, you’ll be an expert in no time! WellEz also offers remote training to field users, at no additional cost.

Add Users

You can create an unlimited number of user login accounts. WellEz team members will explain the multiple security access levels our system offers. You can allow some users, like drilling managers, to have full access, and others, like consultants, a more restricted view. You can even give your partners a login with read-only access!


Unique reporting requirements? No problem! Our system is completely scalable and customizable. You can capture and analyze any key performance metrics you’d like. The change process is quick and simple in WellEz. You’re not limited to customizing the account when it is created, make changes or updates anytime.


Once you have a login account, you can access WellEz from anywhere. Field users can enter info within minutes of being given access. If rig communications are poor, WellEz offers an offline tool called WellEz Remote. WellEz Remote stores daily reporting information and then syncs the data when an internet connection is available.

Receive your data

WellEz automatically generates and e-mails reports based on activity at the rig site. You can specify the exact requirements to make sure consultants only enter high-quality, relevant reporting data. You can even view a drilling depth curve that is updated instantly on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.


WellEz makes data analysis a cinch. When using complicated drilling applications or simple spreadsheets, your data often goes unused. With WellEz, you can access and compare almost anything, instantly.


WellEz offers world class 24-hour support, 7 days a week. In addition, detailed training manuals are available for each user role.

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